Amusement parks are usually associated with thrilling, fun and spooky rides, delicious snacks and fun for the entire family or groups of friends. And while it can and often is all of those things, not all amusement parks meet up to the description.

So what makes a good amusement park?

Here are some of the things that are essential for making an Amusement Park into an unforgettable experience, instead of a disappointment:

  • The Rides

Amusement Park Rides

The number one thing that really makes an amusement park fun is the quality of the experience that it can provide. And quality can come in many shapes and forms, all of which contribute to the overall satisfaction of the visitors.

Things like the condition and innovativeness of the rides are obviously important, because nobody wants to get on rides that are broken down, boring or simply unappealing. Also, there has to be a variety of rides for different age groups.


  • The Service
ferrie wheel in prater

Amusement park services

Another part is the quality of food and service – a park like the Pavilion Park Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina not only has thrilling rides both for children, teenagers and adults, but also has a quality of service that makes it a safe and fun place for everyone.

After all, you’re coming into an amusement park to have fun, but also want to feel safe while getting on the rides, as well as eating food or simply spending time with friends or family.



  • The Theme
Myrtle beach attractions

Amusement Park Theme

Finally, any good amusement park needs a theme, or at least a uniqueness that gives it character. Nobody wants to go to a nameless and faceless park that doesn’t have its own unique face.

For instance, the parks at Myrtle Beach, such as the Pavilion Park Amusement Park, have their own themes, like the always popular nostalgia rides section.

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